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John Rouse

John Rouse
Business Advisor & Coach

I am John Rouse, the founder and owner of Pro Advisory.  I have been advising, coaching, and consulting with owners of small businesses like yours for many years.  I specialize in helping small business owners to optimize their business for Revenue and Profit.

During these years of working with small business owners, I have found that most small businesses are not growing or performing at the level envisioned by the owner.

It is very common for small businesses to frequently struggle with one or more of the six most challenging business problems

If you answered yes to any of the above, you could benefit from the experience of a business coach and advisor.

Common Small Business Pitfalls

  1. A confusing Business Mission, and lack of a Success Plan
  2. Marketing and Sales efforts that fail to produce results
  3. Product or Service offering that is not as profitable or as in demand as it could be
  4. Personnel issues, or lack of alignment of team members
  5. Operations systems that do not support the desired business model
  6. Threat of insufficient cash flow to sustain and grow the business

These six issues are the root cause of most small business challenges.  Coaching will help professionalize your business so that your business grows and prospers.

Business Coaching Options

I find that every client company is both unique and at the same time much like others.  I believe in concentrating on the basics while also customizing the approach for each company depending upon their needs and desires. My clients can engage me to help them grow their business in different ways:

This is my most popular coaching program.  It consists of a 12-week commitment to work together.  We review and work on all the essential areas of your business to accelerate your growth and profitability.

Having well defined business mission, vision goals, and strategies are essential for having a successful business.  With this program we concentrate on quickly developing and articulating the overall direction and plans for growing your business.

After we get to know one another, I am available to help you on an ongoing basis.  With this approach we stay in touch regularly.  I am your sounding board, mentor, and advisor to guide you through issues and opportunities as needed.  I am available for S.O.S calls when you could use an outside perspective.

I also facilitate peer advisory boards for small business owners.  Membership is by invitation only. These groups meet in-person monthly.  It is like having your own board of advisors.

Working with me as a coach is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

grow your business with business coaching

Building A Business Is Hard

You need to get your mission right, then your marketing message, then your sales approach, then your products or service, then your management and operations, and finally your cash flow management. Very few small business owners understand how to operate all the pillars of a strong business and that is why so many businesses fail to prosper.

Schedule your intake call today and let’s get started building the small business of your dreams.  To schedule your intake call, simply click below.

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