Peer Advisory Board

It is very common for small business owners to frequently struggle with one or more of these significant challenges.

  • Sales are not increasing

  • Profits are slipping

  • Product offering is maturing and demand is declining

  • People & team issues are taking too much time

  • Feeling of isolation, it’s lonely at the top

  • New ideas & approaches are lacking

These challenges exist for most small business owners. Participation in a peer advisory board group has helped many owners to overcome these challenges.

What You Gain from Your Pro Advisory Group

You have come a long way on your own. Now you can have the support of an advisory board of your peers to help you move to the next level. Peer group board members gain a great deal from participation.  This frequently includes:

  • A fresh perspective on your business and your role in the business.
  • Opportunity to share your challenges in a confidential setting.
  • Help with strategically planning your business activities.
  • Improved decision making using your group as a sounding board.
  • Elimination of the feeling of isolation.
  • Developing a competitive edge by learning about innovative ideas.

What you Get with Your Pro Advisory Group

Listed below is a partial list of what you might experience from your Pro-Advisory Board involvement:

  • Your own mastermind group of 6-10 business peers. Your peers come from non-competing businesses, and all group members embrace confidentiality.
  • Monthly 3–4-hour in-person meetings held locally in a professional setting.
  • Facilitation of the meetings by your Pro Advisory business coach.
  • Monthly update and accountability one-on-one meetings with the business coach.
  • Opportunity to share what you have learned with others.
  • Guest speakers and educational sessions.

How to join a Pro Advisory Board

All members are owners of small businesses locally.  These business owners represent a variety of types of organizations.  This diversity of experience and variety of business segments is part of what makes Pro Advisory special and adds to the learning that takes place.

Pro Advisory has strict but not rigid requirements for membership.  Peer Board membership is by invitation only.  We accept new members who we feel will benefit from the group and who will be a compliment to the other members.

After membership approval, an initiation fee and a monthly fee is required.  The benefits of membership usually justify this modest expense in a very short time.

If you think our concept is appropriate for you, we invite you to schedule a discovery call by clicking on the Discovery Call button below.

It’s Hard Enough to Build a Business

You Don’t Have to Build It Alone

You may be in business for yourself, but by being part of a Pro Advisory group you are not in business by yourself.

Your business can have an advisory board made up of your peers!

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